The International Business Forum on AgTech & Agri Food

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The International Business Forum on AgTech & Agri Food

Australia Vietnam Business Council Supports
The International Business Forum on AgTech & Agri Food Development in Vietnam
16-18 October 2023, Hanoi | 19-21 October 2023 Ho Chi Minh City

The Australia Vietnam Business Council i(AVBC) is supporting the International Business Forum on AgTech and Agri Food Development in Vietnam, which is organised by the US – Vietnam Business Council (UVBC) and The Center for Vietnam Science & Technology International Promotion (VISTIP) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Government

Agriculture is an important economic sector in Vietnam. In 2020, agriculture, aquaculture, and forestry sectors contributed 14.9 percent to Vietnam’s GDP, which is lower than 41.6 percent of the service and 33.7 percent of the industry sector. Although agriculture has doubled in terms of value in the last decade, its share in the GDP that witnessed an average annual decrease of 0.3 percent. Science and technology are some of the key elements to increasing the capacity and quality of products while improving farmer lives. Vietnam’s government in 2018 stated that it was important to develop a production value chain of high-added value farming products while promoting the link of cooperatives with businesses, as well as to encourage technology transfer and provide preferential loans to agricultural cooperatives.

The forum aims to support Vietnam’s AgTech which is still behind other countries despite being an agricultural country. Given a large number of Vietnamese small-hold farmers in most provinces in the country, there are limited AgTech companies and projects in Vietnam. Other international areas with AgTech have more developed economies like the Netherlands, Australia, and Israel which are more developed in AgTech and have been more integrated into agriculture for years. AgTech is a relatively unknown concept in Vietnam’s rural areas and the country’s finds it challenging to integrate modern technology into Vietnam’s agricultural sector. The International Business Forum and other networking activities will be held on the 16-18 October in Hanoi, with other networking events organised on the 19-21 October 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Participants attending the forum will get the opportunity to: network with International and Vietnamese Executives, learn up-to-date AgTech and Agri Food development in Vietnam, showcase AgTech Projects to identify potential partners, identify and evaluate various agricultural import and export business opportunities in Vietnam, as well as network with international and Vietnamese businesses involved in AgTech and Agri Food Development in Vietnam.

AVBC representatives attending the International Business Forum 16-21 October 2023 include: Dr Tran Nguyen, Vice President, Bilateral Trade & Investment, Michael Sutherland, Senior Advisor, Mineral Resources & Head of AgTech & Agribusiness, James Phans, Senior Advisor Commodities, Hospitality & Tourism and Peter Carter, Business Sponsor from Port Hedland, Western Australia.

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