Special note re Legal structure:

  • AVBC was incorporated in NSW as New South Wales Vietnam Chamber of Commerce on 21 May 1996 Incorporation Y240 2401.
  • On January 2008 name changed to Australia Vietnam Business Council abbreviated AVBC (www.avbc.org.au). The Not for profit Association model rules have been adopted.
  • Now QAVBC (ie. Queensland Australia Vietnam Business Council) with approval and support of Australia Vietnam Business Council seeks to incorporate under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The Not for profit Association model rules have been adopted by QAVBC as a separate incorporation but leveraging and promoting the AVBC brand.


Committee structure:

1. President:

Laurence Strano

Phone: +61 405 098 857

Email: lgstrano@gmail.com


2. Deputy President:

Kiem Dinh

Vice President of Vietnam Affairs and Delegations

Vice President of Energy, Renewable Energy, Coal & Fly Ash Development

Phone: 0414 566 026

Email: kiem.dinh@gmail.com


3. Vice President:

Azalia Canuto-Ah Mat


Vice President of Real Estate & Commercial Property Development

Vice President of Sports Development, Marketing & Media Communications

Phone: 0450 401560

Email: koedalnation@gmail.com


4. Vice President:

Thomas Vo

Treasurer and Public Officer

Treasurer and Public Officer Vice President of Digital Innovation, Marketing & Communications Vice President of Education – University, Secondary, Primary & International Study

Phone: 0405 710 027

Email: thomas.pt.vo@gmail.com


5. Vice President

Graham Kinder

Vice President of Economic Development, Community Relations & Sister City Relations Vice President of Public Relations, AVBC Conference Coordination & Speakers Bureau

Phone: 0429 892 154

Email: mailto:kingslance@bigpond.com


6. Vice President:

James Phans

Vice President of Large, Medium, Small Enterprises & Business Development in Australia & Vietnam

Phone: 0402 947 779

Email: mailto:jamesphans69@gmail.com


7. Vice President in Vietnam:

Do Thanh Son

Chairman of Rich Group in Vietnam

Phone: +84 9666 48383

Email: doson.it@gmail.com