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AVBC Committee - The Australia Vietnam Business Council

AVBC Committee

Australia Vietnam Business Council

Australia Vietnam Business Council Committee

Mr Marco Zammarrelli, AVBC Executive Portfolio Senior Advisor
Executive Director, Real Estate & Commercial Property Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, VETAB, ASQA & ESOS International Students Education Portfolios & Sports Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, Founder & Executive Director, Zupreme Corp Pty Ltd, assisting in Sustainable International Projects, Innovative Technologies and Unique Property Developments. Marco has several years of professional experience in the areas of Marketing & Communications, B2B Strategic Development, Event & Public Relations for Corporations & SMEs, Government Departments & Other Agencies. He has vast experience in the areas of Tourism & Hospitality, Sports Development, Education & Training (20yrs). Marco is also Senior Advisor to various not-for profit-organisations.
Ms Azalia Canuto-Ahmat, AVBC Secretary
CEO & Head of Marketing, AVBC Business Relations Management, NSW State Advisor – AVBC Ltd (National Body), Executive Strategist in Marketing & Research, Media & Communications, Public Relations & Event Management, and Job Creation Workforce Development for Companies & SMEs (25yrs). Azalia has professional experience in B2B Marketing Intelligence, Digital Innovation Promotions, Media & Communication Management, Community Economic Development, Intercultural Communications, and Employment, Recruitment &Training Strategy Development Consultant for the Public & Private Sector, as well as for Not-For- Profit Organisations. Some of her career highlights included the recruitment of Cadet Journalists for major media establishments in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Darwin.
Mr Alan Tang, AVBC Vice President, Media & Communications
Head of AVBC Digital Innovation & Emerging Technologies Portfolio, Executive Director, Media & Communications & Digital Technical Event Designer, AVBC Business Relations Management, Executive Computer System Engineer & Digital Technology Designer with over 17 years of professional experience in the IT Industry and 7 years in UX/UI Design. Alan developed and produced digital innovation products such as fintech, prop-tech, mobile applications, designing & redesigning websites, ecommerce solutions, trading tech applications, digital marketing solutions & emerging technology, blockchain & inventor for corporate management, human resources, financial services, real estate, property development & construction, education, health, public relations, media & communication.
Dr Tran Nguyen, AVBC Vice President, Business Development
Executive Director, Head of Business Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, AVBC Executive Senior Advisor Academic & Higher Education Portfolio Senior Advisor Executive Business Development Analyst, Community Economic Development Strategist, Marketing Intelligence Specialist and University Lecturer & Academic Author. Dr Nguyen’s career highlights (15yrs) includes business development initiatives for Governments & Corporations in areas of Finance, Investment & Banking, Sustainable Renewable Energy, Real Estate & Commercial Property, Investment Promotion, Health & Medical Research, Mineral Resources, Bilateral Trade and Foreign Investment. She has a Doctorate of Business, Western Sydney University; Master of Economics & BA of Business Administration-Foreign Trade, Uni. of Economics Vietnam.