AVBC Committee

Australia Vietnam Business Council

Australia Vietnam Business Council Committee

Mr Marco Zammarrelli, AVBC Executive Portfolio Senior Advisor
Executive Director, Real Estate & Commercial Property Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, VETAB, ASQA & ESOS International Students Education Portfolios & Sports Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, Founder & Executive Director, Zupreme Corp Pty Ltd, assisting in Sustainable International Projects, Innovative Technologies and Unique Property Developments. Marco has several years of professional experience in the areas of Marketing & Communications, B2B Strategic Development, Event & Public Relations for Corporations & SMEs, Government Departments & Other Agencies. He has vast experience in the areas of Tourism & Hospitality, Sports Development, Education & Training (20yrs). Marco is also Senior Advisor to various not-for profit-organisations.
Ms Azalia Canuto-Ahmat, AVBC Secretary
CEO & Head of Marketing, AVBC Business Relations Management, NSW State Advisor – AVBC Ltd (National Body), Executive Strategist in Marketing & Research, Media & Communications, Public Relations & Event Management, and Job Creation Workforce Development for Companies & SMEs (25yrs). Azalia has professional experience in B2B Marketing Intelligence, Digital Innovation Promotions, Media & Communication Management, Community Economic Development, Intercultural Communications, and Employment, Recruitment &Training Strategy Development Consultant for the Public & Private Sector, as well as for Not-For- Profit Organisations. Some of her career highlights included the recruitment of Cadet Journalists for major media establishments in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Darwin.
Mr Alan Tang, AVBC Vice President, Media & Communications
Head of AVBC Digital Innovation & Emerging Technologies Portfolio, Executive Director, Media & Communications & Digital Technical Event Designer, AVBC Business Relations Management, Executive Computer System Engineer & Digital Technology Designer with over 17 years of professional experience in the IT Industry and 7 years in UX/UI Design. Alan developed and produced digital innovation products such as fintech, prop-tech, mobile applications, designing & redesigning websites, ecommerce solutions, trading tech applications, digital marketing solutions & emerging technology, blockchain & inventor for corporate management, human resources, financial services, real estate, property development & construction, education, health, public relations, media & communication.
Dr Tran Nguyen, AVBC Vice President, Business Development
Executive Director, Head of Business Development, AVBC Business Relations Management, AVBC Executive Senior Advisor Academic & Higher Education Portfolio Senior Advisor Executive Business Development Analyst, Community Economic Development Strategist, Marketing Intelligence Specialist and University Lecturer & Academic Author. Dr Nguyen’s career highlights (15yrs) includes business development initiatives for Governments & Corporations in areas of Finance, Investment & Banking, Sustainable Renewable Energy, Real Estate & Commercial Property, Investment Promotion, Health & Medical Research, Mineral Resources, Bilateral Trade and Foreign Investment. She has a Doctorate of Business, Western Sydney University; Master of Economics & BA of Business Administration-Foreign Trade, Uni. of Economics Vietnam.
Kiem DINH – AVBC President
Head of AVBC Committee Portfolios-Australia & Vietnam Affairs & Business Delegations, Mineral Resources, Agriculture, Renewable Energy & Fly Ash Renewable By-Products, Economic Development, Chairman AVBC Ltd (National Body), Executive Director of Aurora AVE International & Founding Director of Dinale Partners. Kiem has previous experience in management with Fixed Interest Portfolios in government bonds and short term bills in New Zealand at ANZ Head office in Wellington (NZ) and Government Life Insurance now known as Tower Corp. Holding a Degree in Commerce and Administration, also qualified with Diploma/Certificate in Financial Mortgage, Real Eastate and Financial Planning, Kiem has over 20 years’ experience in sourcing property sites for potential investors and developers for good returns, and seeking funds for property developments. He is also involved in Sustainable Renewable Energy, as well as developing bilateral trade and investment projects in SE Asia.