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Australian state invites Vietnamese investors

The Australia Vietnam Business Council (AVBC) and Canberra University recently held a workshop in Sydney to call on Vietnamese businesses to make investment in Australia’s New South Wales. Addressing the event on February 16, Suzanne Gilham, a senior official from the NSW Department of Industry, introduced the Australian business visa programme in 2017, which offers many incentives for entrepreneurs and investors from China, Malaysia and Vietnam.
She said the state’s government regards Vietnam as a potential and promising market to develop this new model in Australia. Local authorities are coordinating with Vietnamese agencies and organisations to promote this programme in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in June this year, she added.President and founder of the AVBC Laurence Strano said the programme aims to encourage Vietnamese enterprises to do business in New South Wales.He cited two-way trade surged from US$45 million in 1990 to US$10 billion at present. Bilateral trade is expected to double in the coming time, he said, adding that he hopes more Vietnamese businesses will make investment in Australia and vice versa.


AVBC’s Vietnam Investor Roadshow Message From The President Of The AVBC

Dear Members, Friends,

Please find below the information re the Vietnam tour and travel arrangements.
AVBC and VSBA are focused on business matching and bilateral trade and investment opportunities. The AVBC need to know your wishes asap as we have much work to do prior to our visit to properly engage all relevant parties.
The AVBC is running an AVBC Vietnam Roadshow Launch at 99 York St, Tuesday the 30th May, 2017, 6:30pm for 7:00pm till 10:00pm.
Kindly advise asap if you wish to participate and if so what is your desirable basis for involvement.
We will revert quickly.
Please advise also if there is interest in participating two days prior to our function in a technology (ICT) conference in Vietnam and we can supply details.

Download invite below

Download Vietnam Investment Prospectus below

Vietnam Trip Investment Prospectus

2017 Year of Optimism

“Portents of a dark age” by Andrew Clarke over Xmas (AFR 22-27 Dec) provided a wonderful portrayal of the glass half full approach of our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. What an outstanding job she has done to date. Her optimism and statement of Australia taking advantage as opportunities arise and a prediction of a stronger role for Australia in 2017 is most praiseworthy. The dark age as alluded to surely refers to the problems of 2016 hopefully left behind as terrorism madness and criminal activity finally is resulting in global attempts to eradicate it and following the implementation of more vigilant internal security measures. One can only heap a lot of praise on internal and external security forces. Australia’s 2017 role on the international stage via membership of groups such as G20 and Asian Regional Forum and East Asian Summit will be most important in calming the rough waters in the China South Sea and coping with North Korea. Australia’s role in balancing relationships and building cooperation will be very significant in 2017.We are lucky to have a Foreign Minister who “radiates her optimistic zeitgeist”(spirit of the time)

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