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Formed in 1996, under the Ethnic Exporter’s program of Austrade by the late Fred Fenech OAM The Australia Vietnam Business Council (AVBC) was originally founded as the former New South Wales Vietnam Chamber of Commerce. It was joined later with the Australian Vietnam Business Council functions . The Vietnam Trade Office, Consular and Embassy staff of both Australia and Vietnam have been of great assistance for the past 20 years. …


Invitation To Our Next AVBC Event November 2nd

A. APEC – Australian’s Engagement with. A special focus on the significant opportunities in APEC, this is timely given:

a. The APEC leader’s week in Da Nang, Vietnam (6th-11th November 2017).
b. The ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, Sydney (March 2018).

These opportunities are across all fields of commerce and strands of commerce, including projects, co-operation agreements, joint-development agreements and in innovation & commercialisation. Including several agreements between the AVBC and Vietnamese Government Agencies as well as Regional Government. These opportunities are supported by the strengthening bi-lateral co-operation, in particular, Vietnam-Australia, where projects in Aquaponics and Large-Scale Aquaculture have already been identified.

Presenter: Glen Robinson
Director and Head of Asia Advisory

B. Aquaponics and Large-Scale Aquaculture and it’s potential for engagement opportunities in APEC.

It is of particular interest that the enormous Economic & Community potentials in general commerce, let alone Aquaponics and Large-Scale Aquaculture, are yet to be realised in Australia, Vietnam and APEC in general. For example, there are approximately 26.9 million households in Vietnam, if the top 3% of these households were to adopt a Residential Aquaponics unit, nominally valued at $AUD 500, that is a potential market of $AUD 403.5 Million. Thus, there is a potential to very rapidly establishing a significant industry in Vietnam. An industry that is set to not only generate jobs & growth, it would go some way to maintaining food security while improving the environment. Significantly for Vietnam, Aquaponics could deliver significantly higher levels of food protein to the general populace.

This event is part of the AVBC’s Calendar of Events focused in this area:
a. A series of Workshops for Aquaponics and Large-Scale Aquaculture planned in NSW & Qld.
b. A mini-conference/seminar on Aquaponics in Hanoi in April 2018.
c. An Aquaponics and Large-Scale Aquaculture Conference in Qld in 3rd Quarter, 2018.

This event is open to all and may be of particular interest to a wide range of business people, particularly those focused on opportunities in APEC & Vietnam. In addition, government & government regulators who are seeking “Jobs & Growth”, as well as, Researcher & Research institutions who are seeking the pathway to commercialization.

Presenter: Dr Wilson Lennard
Director of Aquaponic Solutions

C. Digital Marketing – Integritas Digital reporting on the latest Digital Marketing digital trends in Australia and Vietnam in 2017. And the importance of Digital transformation

a. Statistics of Digital Marketing and technology trends in Australia & Vietnam
b. The importance of a Digital transformation for your organisation

Presenter: Andrew Nguyen
Managing Director of Integritas Digital


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Laurence Strano B.Com.

President Australia Vietnam Business Council Laurence Strano

Networking and business events coming soon

30 June 2017 President’s ReportPlease note the brilliant speaker for the AGM who brings excellent background and comments forward Kindly note the accounts



One can be excused for thinking the US according t o media is being run by one man.The Article “Don’t bash Trump on trade :S&P ” (AFR 31 August) was symptomatic of this .
The issue really becomes whether the US has on balance benefited from its role in globalization and whether those who have been left behind are collateral damage .

If this is the case then the issue is whether the deliverer
Is to blame ie free trade or whether the gains can be better distributed and the real policies can be articulated better.


“Portents of a dark age” by Andrew Clarke over Xmas (AFR 22-27 Dec) provided a wonderful portrayal of the glass half full approach of our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. What an outstanding job she has done to date. Her optimism and statement of Australia taking advantage as opportunities arise and a prediction of a stronger role for Australia in 2017 is most praiseworthy. The dark age as alluded to surely refers to the problems of 2016 hopefully left behind as terrorism madness and criminal activity finally is resulting in global attempts to eradicate it and following the implementation of more vigilant internal security measures. One can only heap a lot of praise on internal and external security forces. Australia’s 2017 role on the international stage via membership of groups such as G20 and Asian Regional Forum and East Asian Summit will be most important in calming the rough waters in the China South Sea and coping with North Korea. Australia’s role in balancing relationships and building cooperation will be very significant in 2017.We are lucky to have a Foreign Minister who “radiates her optimistic zeitgeist”(spirit of the time)


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